Do You Believe in Synchronicity?

Do you ever look at the time, only to find it’s 11:11? This happens to me almost daily. I have read about synchronicity and the significance of 11:11, and it seems there are several beliefs surrounding this mystical number.

Some believe guardian angels communicate to us through numbers and sequences. They direct us to look at the clock or notice a series of numbers in our environment to send us messages. Others believe 11:11 signals psychic awareness. The number 11 has psychic vibrations that can be picked up by enlightened individuals. Dreamers believe noticing the clock at 11:11 grants a wish. The number 11 itself is thought to be idealistic and impractical, a perfect recipe for a wish.

Maybe you are drawn to a different number? What does this number mean to you? Is there a deeper meaning behind that number? Perhaps the universe is trying to tell you a secret. Tune into your own intuition and discover what the universe has in store for you.

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