Fluorite for the Soul

Fluorite is one of the more vibrant crystals found in nature. Lustrous and bright hues of purple, green, and blue tint and band these crystals. Not only is fluorite beautiful to admire, it also contains properties that can aid in healing the physical body, bringing clarity to the mind, and attracting positive energy into your life.

There are many health benefits that fluorite can manifest. Fluorite has been known to improve immune function, relieve stress, and promote cell growth. It is also believed to be beneficial to the bones and joints. In addition to healing the physical body, fluorite brings mental clarity and fosters intuitive growth. It is helpful in decision-making, and can help to organize thoughts. Fluorite is also known to bring harmony and aid in connecting with spirituality.

Perhaps the strongest quality that fluorite possesses is its ability to absorb negative energy. This makes it a great crystal to use for aura cleansing. It is also a good crystal to keep in your house to neutralize any negative energy that is brought inside. Because fluorite is so good at absorbing negative energy, it should be cleansed frequently. I keep my fluorite in the window sill to be cleansed by the moonlight.

Fluorite comes in several bright hues, including blue, green, purple, and rainbow. Each of these hues has its own qualities and characteristics, as well as the properties discussed above. Because of all the different colors, fluorite is a good choice for energy healing and chakra balancing. Fluorite has many uses and will bring optimism and clarity to your crystal collection.

3 thoughts on “Fluorite for the Soul

  1. I have a beautiful crystal that sits behind my writing space, which is by a window. I find looking out at natures beauty gives me inspiration. My crystal is amber and gold and sits in a special sunny place.

    Thank you for following BrewNSpew.

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