Get Spiritual with Amethyst

Amethyst is one of my very favorite crystals. Despite its abundance, it is a semi-precious stone that holds a lot of significance. Growing up, I was always drawn to an amethyst cluster my parents had on display in the dining room hutch. It’s deep, luxurious purple crystals would sparkle in the sunlight, and to me, it was our family’s Crown Jewels.

From pale lavender to bold violet, amethyst is an alluring crystal that opens the crown chakra. Amethyst aids in developing intuition and connecting with higher guidance. Use amethyst to create a calm space for meditation and tune in to the universe. Amethyst develops psychic abilities and is a very mystical crystal. Not only does amethyst encourage spiritual growth, it brings mindfulness and inspiration to it’s keeper.

Amethyst brings forth a sense of calm and tranquility. It absorbs negative energy from the environment while emitting positive energy. It also works to alleviate stress. This makes amethyst an ideal stone for meditation. Amethyst also encourages sleep, making it a popular crystal for those suffering from insomnia.

No matter your intention, Amethyst is essential to your crystal collection. Find a crystal that you are drawn to and discover amethyst’s magic.

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