From the Heart; Earthly Emerald

Emerald is a precious stone that also happens to be the birthstone of May, my birthstone. Because of my connection to this regal gemstone, I wanted to spend some time exploring its properties.

Lush, green tones marble the emerald, reminiscent of the earth. It represents renewal, vulnerability, and abundance. Emerald is believed to bring one their heart’s desire, leading to a tendency to bring forth self-truth.

Emerald is known as a stone of love and aligns the heart chakra. Believed to be the chakra that connects the earthly with the divine, the heart chakra balances the soul and allows us to live harmoniously with the energies around us. An open heart is essential to all kinds of love, including self-love. As it connects with our hearts, emerald gives us the courage necessary to give and receive love. Utilize emerald to open your heart and to remind yourself to love our planet.

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