Get Creative with Citrine

With summer upon us, it seems fitting to explore sunny citrine. Golden hues ranging from pale yellow to honey brown illuminate this crystal. It is often associated with the solar plexus chakra, aiding in digestion and supplying the body with energy. Citrine also connects the solar plexus with the third eye and the sacral chakras, igniting creativity and imagination.

Citrine is believed to help us to connect with a higher guidance. The universe provides us with the answers we seek via intuition; The “gut feeling” we get that is deeply rooted within our solar plexus chakra. Use citrine to reconnect with your intuition and realign your body’s energy center.

Citrine is a good crystal to use for protection against unwanted energies. Because citrine helps to regulate the flow of energy within the body, it does not accept inharmonious energies. This causes citrine to attract abundance, wealth, and positivity. Citrine is also often associated with manifestation.

Citrine gives off very bright and positive energy and light. It’s known to bring good fortune, lending it the nickname, “the merchant’s stone.” It is a good choice of crystal to use for meditation as it elevates ones vibrations. Add citrine to your crystal collection and inspire your creativity.

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