The Aloe Plant

Tried and true, the aloe plant is a hardy succulent that is both useful, and beautiful. Aloe is a very common houseplant, and because of this, it sometimes gets overlooked. Aloe is a simple succulent. It is easy to care for, and looks good in virtually any space. Also, the aloe plant is edible, and has many medicinal properties. All of these reasons make the aloe plant one of my very favorite houseplants.

For succulent enthusiasts, the aloe plant is a classic. It is ridiculously easy to grow, and loves the sun! The aloe plant is the perfect houseplant for any sunny window. As with any succulent, waterings should be infrequent and only as needed. I water my succulents and cacti about every 2-3 weeks, or in the summer months, whenever the soil is dry. It is also important that the aloe plant has a well-draining pot and soil. Being native to arid climates, aloe plants prefer dry conditions, and are prone to root rot. A happy and mature aloe plant will flower at least once a year. My Blue Elf Aloe has a beautiful stalk of orange blooms.

In addition to being easy to grow, the aloe plant is edible and has many medicinal properties. Most widely known for its ability to treat sunburn, the aloe plant can be used to treat all sorts of skin issues both topically, and by ingestion. Aloe is often used as a laxative, and has properties that aid in digestive health. Studies have shown that ingesting aloe can even help treat diabetes. The aloe plant is also rich with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are essential to overall health and well-being.

Common as they may be, aloe plants are definitely one of my favorite succulents. They are beautiful and strong. Being a nurse, I also value the healing properties of aloe. From sunburns, to diabetes, to immune-mediated illnesses, aloe is a versatile healer. Now that’s a magical plant!

3 thoughts on “The Aloe Plant

    1. The aloe plant has over 75 different compounds which have been linked to glucose metabolism. From what I have read, in the studies, patients ingested aloe orally. There seemed to be some significant data to show that the patients who consumed aloe had lower fasting glucose levels. I would recommend doing some research of your own and consulting a physician before incorporating aloe into a treatment regimen.


  1. I really love Aloe, I had a few, but they just couldn’t survive the winter, I had close to no sun (typical Swedish winter…) so I had to give them away 😦
    They are such a beautiful addition to the look of any home!

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