Portland, Oregon

Nestled between the Columbia and the Willamette rivers, is the eccentric city of Portland, Oregon. Portland is the biggest city in Oregon, and is famous for being eco-friendly, art-inspired, and a little bit quirky. A beautiful northwest city, Portland offers everything from hiking and biking, to a vibrant music and art scene. There is no shortage of coffee shops or microbreweries in Portland, so pick your poison, and enjoy the city of roses.

Voodoo Doughnut

With it’s eclectic Portland vibe, and unconventional ingredients, Voodoo Doughnut is legendary in the northwest. The doughnuts are absolutely delicious, and with so many unique flavors, it’s impossible to choose just one. There is usually a line, but don’t worry, it moves quickly. While you wait, you can admire the glittery bricks and pink umbrellas outside of the shop. Voodoo doughnuts are very reasonably priced, but keep in mind that it is a cash-only establishment. The next time you find yourself in Portland, treat yourself, and pick up a pink box filled with voodoo magic.

Powell’s Books

Powell’s books is a huge bookstore that takes up a city block in Portland. It is fondly referred to as “the city of books.” Established in 1971, Powell’s Books has become an iconic landmark in Portland. It is the largest independent retailer of new and used books in the world. Powell’s also specializes in rare and out-of-print books, and has a section highlighting banned literature. Come and get lost in the color-coded rooms of the endless city of books.

The Fossil Cartel

Right in the middle of Downtown Portland is a beautiful crystal shop called, The Fossil Cartel. I’m a sucker for a good crystal shop, and The Fossil Cartel does not disappoint. Thousands of gorgeous crystal specimens line the store, sparkling in the window-filtered, overcast light.

Pistils Nursery

There’s only one kind of shop I love more than a crystal shop, and that’s a plant and crystal shop. Pistils Nursery is located on North Mississippi Avenue, a hipster neighborhood on the north side of town with plenty of cute restaurants and shops to explore. The store itself is as beautiful as the plants and crystals they sell, featuring clean and modern pots, and unique home decor with boho vibes. The plants all look very happy and healthy, and ready to come home with you to your sanctuary.

Portland Saturday Market

The Portland Saturday Market is the largest continuously operated outdoor market in the US. It extends from the waterfront park under the Burnside Bridge, to the Skidmore Fountain. Beautiful, hand-made, local art lines the street. The iconic arts and crafts fair started in Portland in 1974, and has been going strong ever since. If you are ever in Portland on a Saturday or Sunday, walk through the market, and breathe in the patchouli!

Portland is an amazing city with a lot of quirky charm. From Co-ops to doughnut shops, Portland has something for old hippies, young hipsters, and everyone in between. Add Portland to your list of cities to explore, and be sure to keep Portland weird!

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