The Jade Plant

Succulents of the Crassula genus are often referred to as Jade plants. They are considered to be lucky, bringing prosperity where they grow. Because of this, jade plants sometimes get the nickname “money plants.” Jade plants also tend to live long lives. This combination of longevity and abundance make the Jade plant an excellent houseplant, and even better housewarming gift.

Being succulents, Jade plants are very hardy. Plant care is easy with Jade plants. Like most succulents, Jade plants prefer bright light. However, because they are so strong, Jade plants are able to tolerate low light situations. Perfecting a watering routine is critical for Jade plants. Jade plants are prone to over-watering, and should be in a well-draining pot. The enduring nature of the Jade plant makes it an ideal plant for bonsai. Proper care of Jade plants can also result in little white flowers blooming. To encourage flowering, keep your Jade plant somewhat root-bound in a smaller pot.

Whether you are working out your bonsai skills, giving the gift of plants, or just simply a succulent enthusiast, Jade plants are a perfect choice.

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