Connect with Celestite

Pale blue, and sometimes grey in color, Celestite connects us with higher realms. It’s a calming crystal, ideal for meditating, sleep, and dreams. Celestite acts as a bridge to the angelic realm. Use Celestite to connect with guardian angels, and spirit guides in other dimensions, as well as to help with astral projection.

Celestite offers higher guidance and strengthens intuition. It promotes self-awareness, and reminds us to be in the present moment. Celestite is a very spiritual crystal, and opens the crown chakra. Use Celestite in your meditation practice to increase vibrations, and find comfort, and guidance from your guardian angels.

Just like Cinderella and her sparkly, pale-blue dress, celestite connects us with our own guardian angels to guide us and to lift us up. Your guardian angels are helping you to navigate this spiritual journey. Are you listening?

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